To the Point

Red Wine



We are excited to present our "To the Point" Red Wine, made exclusively for We want to thank the Angels for making this tasty wine possible, wishes fulfilled!

The Brass Tacks Red Wine is an ode to the traditional winemaking methods used by early California winemakers, where fruit from different varietals were blended together before bottling. Winemaker and proprietor Daniel LeFrancois and consulting winemaker Scott Peterson set out to blend Cabernet Sauvignon with Petite Sirah and Petit Verdot, creating a rich, fruit-forward red wine best enjoyed in the company of good friends and hearty appetites.

Winemaker and proprietor Daniel LeFrancois and consulting winemaker Scott Peterson partnered together to bring Brass Tacks "To the Point" line as a way to showcase California at its finest. The blending process is one of the key elements of producing rich, fruit-forward flavors. It is because of the Angel's support that Daniel and Scott were able to carefully select lots from vineyards throughout California's premier winegrowing regions, where each region’s unique terroir adds their own unique layer to the final wine profile.

Brass Tacks 'To the Point' California Red Wine
Winemaker and Owner Daniel LeFrancois

Daniel LeFrancois

Winemaker & Proprietor

Since the first release of the 2004 vintage, Daniel LeFrancois has set out to craft wines that showcase the flavor, harmony and balance of California fruit. Daniel is a veteran in the wine and spirits industry, with over 30 years of experience in sales, marketing and brand development. For over 15 years, Daniel has produced award-winning wines, including Brass Tacks, Wine Spots Wines and Zinfandelic, that reflect true varietal, regional and vineyard characteristics.

Winemaker Scott Peterson

Scott Peterson

Collaborative Winemaker

Scott's passion for wines spans over 30 years in the industry. He played an integral role at Kendall-Jackson in defining the California Chardonnay. With experience in the international and domestic wine areas, Scott crafts his own wines as well as acting as consulting winemaker. His ventures include producing wines for the Angels at Through these ventures, he enjoys the privelage of crafting wines that he wants to make, reflecting traditional and modern styles that are gloriously California in all ways.

Food Pairings

Chardonnay, one of the classic Burgundian varietals, is also one of the most popular white wines in the world. The tropical notes and lush mouthfeel make Chardonnay a delicious pairing for white sauce pastas, fish, poultry, and mushroom sauces.