Quintessential California Wines

At Brass Tacks, we believe the essence of California wine is the fruit. Our winemaking starts in the vineyard, where we cultivate the unique characteristics of each varietal and vineyard. The results are wines that aren't over-manipulated, allowing the personality of the fruit to shine through.
Brass Tacks California Cabernet Sauvignon Wine
Brass Tacks California Red Wine Blend
Brass Tacks California Merlot Wine
Brass Tacks California Chardonnay Wine
Brass Tacks California Moscato Wine
Brass Tacks California Pink Moscato Wine

Rave Reviews

91 Points - Gold Medal
2012 Cabernet Sauvignon

San Diego Wine Competition

Rave Reviews

Silver Medal
2013 Merlot

American Wine Society

Rave Reviews

Silver Medal
2017 Moscato

Beverage Testing Institute

Rave Reviews

89 Points
2017 Pink Moscato

Ultimate Wine Challenge